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Chapter 16: No Master Can Betray Love

And at that very moment, Sariputta, an old disciple of Gautam Buddha, started laughing. His laughter turned Prasenjita towards him, and he asked him, “Why are you laughing?”

He said, “You don’t understand the language. He is not saying drop the diamond, he is not saying drop the lotus. He is saying drop yourself, drop the ego. You can have the diamond and you can have the lotus, but drop the ego. Don’t take it back.”

Those were beautiful days. Suddenly a new sky opened to Prasenjita. He dropped himself at Gautam Buddha’s feet in utter humbleness, and he never left. He became part of the great caravan that used to follow Gautam Buddha. He forgot all about his kingdom, forgot about everything. The only thing that remained was this beautiful man, this tremendous grace, this invisible magnetism, these eyes and this silence. And he was gripped by all this.

It is not a question of belief. It is not a question of conversion, argumentation, it is a question of the highest quality of love.

It is rare to find a master today, and there are many pretenders. One of the things that can be said about the pretenders is that you can recognize them immediately. The moment they ask you to believe in anything, the moment they ask you to follow a certain rule, regulation, the moment they ask you to have faith in them.never doubt, never question, have indubitable faith - these are the indications of the pretenders. Wherever you find these, escape from the place as fast as you can.

But these people are all over the world, not only in the West but in the East too. It is very rare that you come across a master who gives you dignity, who gives you love, who gives you freedom; who does not create any bondage for you, and who does not make any contract, and who does not want you to be a shadow of him - he wants you to be yourself. The moment you can find a man like this, the greatest moment of your life has arrived. Don’t miss it. Pretenders are many, but authentic masters are immensely rare.

It is unfortunate of our age, of our times, that we have forgotten a certain dimension completely - not only in the West. In the West they never discovered it, but in the East we discovered it and lost it. And if there are no more masters who have attained to their ultimate potential, who have become a God unto themselves, then it is very difficult for disciples who are groping in darkness, in blindness, in all kinds of diversions, to find their own dignity, their own self.

My effort here is not to create disciples - that is just the preface - but to create masters, as many masters as possible. The world needs immensely, urgently, many people of awareness, of love, of freedom, of sincerity. Only these people can create a certain spiritual atmosphere that can prevent this world from being destroyed by the suicidal forces - which are very powerful, but not more powerful than love.

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