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Chapter 7: Nothingness Is Your Original Face

Whatever I am saying is to provoke the sleeping buddha in everyone. It is everyone’s inherent nature - how can it be special? It is another matter that millions have decided never to look in; that is why we have very few buddhas in the world. But even then, it does not become a special thing.

Those who are closing their eyes, keeping their backs towards themselves, can turn in a single moment. In a single moment the whole world can become a buddhafield.

While you are all here listening to my sermon, when a dog barks outside the temple, you know it is a dog, and when a crow caws, you know it is a crow. And also you can distinguish the colors black and white, and see the difference between men and women.
Even though you are not thinking about hearing dogs or crows, or seeing black, white, men or women during the talk; nonetheless, right here you can see and hear them all, before conceptually discriminating them. Then even if a thousand or ten thousand people should tell someone that a dog’s bark is a crow’s caw, that person would hardly be deceived by them.

What he is saying is that one who has known his buddhahood, even if ten thousand people try to convince him that it is not so, he cannot be convinced. It is indubitably certain for him that his self-nature is eternal and ultimate.

But the point is that it should not be a belief, it should be an experience. If it is only a belief, then anybody can criticize it: a better argument, a better intelligence, can destroy it completely. But if it is your experience then the whole world can be on one side, and still you will say that “I am experiencing it, hence it does not matter how many people are against me. No argumentation can destroy my confidence in my own experience.”

Philosophy is more concerned with argument, and following philosophy, religions have created theology; that is the argument for God. That is exactly the meaning of theology: logic for God. But nobody has ever been able to prove the existence of God logically. Great treatises and very intelligent people have been involved in it.

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