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Chapter 5: Dust against the Wind

Let me remind you: don’t take life for granted. It has to be created, and it can be created only by choosing freely, by choosing on your own. Yes, there is a possibility you may go astray, there is a possibility you may commit errors, mistakes. But nothing to be worried about - mistakes and errors and going astray, they are all part of growth. It is only by committing mistakes that one learns, it is only by going astray that one comes back to the right path.

Those who never go astray remain impotent. Those who never commit any mistake because of fear, they never do anything - because if you do, there is a possibility you may commit some mistake. Afraid of committing mistakes, they never do anything. But without doing anything, how can you grow? You will remain hollow, you will not get any crystallization, you will not have any soul. You will be dead, you will be a corpse - walking, breathing, talking, but you will be a corpse because you will not have the taste of life eternal.

The first thing to be remembered is that we are not yet born. One birth happens through the parents, through the mother. The second birth happens when you are in intimate relationship with a master, with a buddha. The second birth happens in a buddhafield: the buddha becomes the womb. The master is the womb for the disciple. The disciple enters into the womb of the master, disappears into the master and is born again.

It is through this new birth that you start being conscious. You believe that you are conscious.because you can come back every evening to your home from the office, so you think you are conscious. Because you can do certain things, you think you are conscious. Now there are robots, machine-men, which can do all the things that you are doing.

Now there is a possibility that soon there will be planes - they are already in existence, not yet used; soon they will be used - which will not have any pilots, and there will be trains without any drivers. Theoretically they are possible now. The machine will do it all. Then you will be very much surprised: you have been doing these things and you were thinking that you are conscious because you do these things. By doing a certain thing one does not become conscious.

Consciousness is doing a thing with a new flavor. Doing it, in itself, is not consciousness, but doing it with a witness inside; watching, observing, knowing that you are doing it - that is consciousness, and that is rebirth.

Bryant caught a tiny fish which suddenly began to speak. “I am really an elf and if you release me I will grant you and your wife any three wishes.”

So the Irishman released the fish, rushed home and told his wife. The couple were anxious to get to town and look at things to wish for, so the wife decided to make a quick dinner out of a can of beans. But she could not find the can opener and said, “I wish I had a can opener.” Kazam! She had a can opener.

“You wasted one wish on that stupid can opener,” screamed Bryant. “I wish it was up your ass!”

And the sad part of the story is that they had to use the third and last wish to get it out again.

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