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Chapter 29: Faith

One day she was preparing tea for him, and then a few students came and he became engaged in deep argumentation. His wife became so angry that she poured the hot water over his face; half his face was burned forever - but he did not discontinue his dialogue with his students. The students were shocked! They could not believe it: “My God, his face is burned, but he is not disturbed at all!” They had almost forgotten the matter that was being discussed, but he continued. They said, “We have forgotten what the matter was. First clarify one thing to us: your wife is a monster, your face is burned.”

Socrates said, “She is my test of fire. I am immensely grateful to her. She has done everything to disturb me, to make me angry, but my being has remained unruffled. I owe much to her. Whatever I am, without her it would not have been possible. My peace, my silence, my understanding, my acceptance of any situation is all due to her.”

If you look at life - and this is the way of the seeker - then you change every affliction into a stepping-stone, every nightmare into a situation for awakening.

“Faith can transcend the numerous roads of delusion, and display the path of unexcelled liberation.”

Feeling oneness with existence.[Banging sounds from outside are heard.] Now somebody comes with his monkey and with his drum.!

Life is so rich and so unbelievably beautiful. If you can relax with it you have reached the path of unexcelled liberation, you have reached to the very ultimate beyond which nobody has ever gone. And it is so simple: all that you need is to learn the art of acceptance, suchness, and the faith will arise out of it. With the faith arising, all the doors of existence are opened to you, inviting to you.

The religious people of the world have destroyed the real and the essential meaning of religion. Creating rituals, prayers, statues, churches, synagogues, they have misled the whole of humanity. Nothing of that is needed; it is all junk. All that is needed is a small flame of love towards all, without any conditions, without any expectations - and whatever life brings, to accept it with gratitude.

So simple is the real religious experience. No holy scriptures are needed. You don’t have to go anywhere. Wherever you are you can create the experience of suchness, and you can blossom into the flower of faith, which automatically becomes the fragrance of buddhahood.

Ta Hui has gone a long way. It has been a beautiful experience to see an intellectual, a man of knowledgeability, transforming himself into a man of innocence, faith, suchness. He has gone from mind to no-mind.

It is good that we also traveled with him, with all his frailties, which are our frailties too. But it is also a certainty that if he can reach to buddhahood, everybody else can reach to buddhahood also.

You are all in essence carrying the ultimate child, the ultimate innocence. Just a little will, a little courage, and you have arrived home.