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Chapter 5: The Sky of Realization

Don’t be afraid, this is your space.

You will not meet anybody on the way except your own being in all its glory and splendor, in all its eternity, beauty, truth.

Everybody is carrying the ultimate treasure within himself.

To make it more clear..



Relax, let the body and the mind remain there. Withdraw your identification, just be a watcher.

Watching is the secret key.

It opens the doors of all that is mystery, all that is miracle.

Rejoice in it and remember the path, the way, by which you have come to this point, so that at any time you want you can enter in and get refreshed.

Bring out your buddhahood in your actions, in your gestures, in your responses.

Just this small thing of entering into your own center is the whole religion - everything else follows on its own accord. When things happen spontaneously, they have a beauty of their own.



Come back. Resurrect slowly, keeping your awareness, your remembrance. Sit down like a buddha for a few seconds.

This is an ever-deepening process. It is not that one day you become buddha and the pilgrimage is finished. You go on becoming more and more, your depth goes on becoming deeper and deeper, your clarity becomes absolutely dustless.

It is the greatest phenomenon in the world to experience your buddhahood and act it in your ordinary life.

Can we celebrate the gathering of ten thousand buddhas?