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Chapter 6: Still Believing in Leprechauns?

The whole article is obsessed with the idea that an ashram has to be ascetic, people have to be there doing yoga postures, standing on their head, doing all kinds of gymnastics, chanting mantras, doing religious rituals, and very serious - as if they are just walking corpses. Then she would have been immensely pleased. This is a religious place, she would have called it, a spiritual place.

Reading her article I decided one thing: that the new commune will not be called ashram - that word certainly is ugly. We will drop it. This is not an ashram. In a way, this is the only ashram, because literally ashram means rest, restfulness. But it has become associated with wrong people. We will drop it.

People come with all kinds of ideas. They are miserable in their ideas, but they are still looking for the same ideas. And if they don’t find them they don’t feel good. They are miserable and they want everybody else also to be miserable.

One gentleman has just written to me, “Osho, your claim that Swami Vimalkirti attained buddhahood sounds phony.” As if this gentleman knows what buddhahood is.

I was very pleased with his question. I thought, “My God, Gautam Buddha is here - who knows what buddhahood is and what buddhahood is not, who knows the distinction between the authentic buddhahood and the phony buddhahood.” Must be a man far superior to all the buddhas, only then you can judge.

But he must have come with a certain idea. In fact, Hindus were offended by Gautam Buddha’s declaring himself, that he has become enlightened, because they had their own idea - just like this gentleman - they had their own idea. In fact, this gentleman will be surprised that Buddha’s own five disciples immediately left him, thinking that he has either gone mad or is pretending to be enlightened. His own five disciples, who had been worshipping him up to now.while he was not a buddha they were worshipping him as their master. And the moment he declared that he is a buddha - it must have sounded phony - they left him immediately. And what was their argument? Their argument was that he has fallen into the trap of the ego, he has fallen from his ascetic life.

Because for six years Buddha tortured himself as much as any human being has ever tortured, and found nothing by that torture. It was the sheer masochistic teachings of the ages that he had been following. But he was an intelligent man, he understood. One full-moon evening, as the moon was rising, he could see the whole stupidity of what he has been doing for six years. Just by torturing your body, how can you become enlightened? What relationship exists between torturing your body, destroying your body, and buddhahood?

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