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Chapter 11: Meditation Has No Gate



And everybody dies.

Relax as deeply as if you are dead, so that only an inner consciousness becomes a concentrated, crystallized center.

This is it.

Neither you nor me, but simply the isness of existence, the unbounded sky of your inner world.

You can open your wings and fly in the inner world without any bondage, without any weight.

This has been called by the buddhas and the siddhas, the only freedom.

Great is this blissfulness, this suchness, this life in death, this silence in relaxation, this peace beyond mind, this dance which is the only sacred experience in the world.

Poor are those who have never entered in.



Come back - not as you have gone in, come back alive, fresh, come back as buddhas.

At least sit for a few moments.

A few inches of buddha within you, and they will start growing.

They are like seeds. You are the soil.

You can become a garden.

Can we celebrate all the buddhas?