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Chapter 13: Mind Is the Bondage

This is the greatness of Bodhidharma. He can say it exactly, however hard it hits. He is saying, Buddhas don’t become buddhas on their own. Without this whole world of misery around them, they would never become buddhas. They should be grateful to all these people who are miserable because these are the people who impel them not to get trapped, as they themselves are trapped.

Buddhas regard delusion as their father and greed as their mother.

Only a Bodhidharma can say such things, seeing the greed of people and the anguish and the anxiety that greed creates, seeing the delusions of people. Everybody is thinking of himself, not of exactly what he is. Everybody is multiplying his personality, his ego, his knowledge. He is pretending things that he knows nothing of.

One of my professors, I found, never read anything after he had left the university thirty years before. Everything that he said was out of date. Psychology was his subject - and psychology is a very fast-growing subject; in thirty years, everything that was right has gone down the drain. But he was still quoting books which he read in his post-graduation courses.

He had a difficulty with me, because I was reading the latest and I would quote from the latest researches. He was a poor soul, he could not even say, “Forgive me, I am not aware of these researches.” To keep his ego, he would say, “Yes, I have seen those papers.” But if he had seen those papers or those books, which had just come out, then he should not have been teaching outdated theories about human mind and consciousness.

I reported to the vice-chancellor. I said, “It should be made compulsory for every professor to spend at least two hours in the library every day.”

He said, “In no university is anything like that in existence. And all the professors will protest against it. Why are you saying that?”

I said, “All your professors were taught twenty years, thirty years ago and all that they know is no longer relevant. I have been checking in the library, who the professors are who take the books from the library. And this particular professor I am mentioning has never taken a single book from the library. He has never come to the library.” And the library of the university was very rich, very up-to-date, because the man who founded the university was a man of tremendous learning and he loved books above anything else.

So I told the vice-chancellor, “Call this professor in front of me and I will show you why I am demanding this. And if you don’t listen to me, then I am going to the students’ union to talk to all the students, to boycott all those professors who don’t go to the library for at least two hours.”

He knew me - that I can manage this, so he said, “Don’t go that far. Bring that professor here.”

I said, “I will not bring him. You call him. I am sitting here.”