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Chapter 3: This Knowing Is a Transformation

Be very careful and cautious that you don’t lose this watchfulness when you come back from the center to the circumference.



Come back, but come with all the experience, full of joy, peace and silence.

With grace and gratitude, sit down as a buddha for a few moments.

This is going to be your final posture; slowly, slowly, you will be settled in your buddha nature. And if we can create ten thousand buddhas, that is enough to save humanity - ten thousand buddhas reaching to every nook and corner of the world, simply spreading love, compassion, awareness.

And I don’t think that if the world has so many buddhas, it can be destroyed by criminal politicians.

This is a crucial moment, of great responsibility and also of great challenge.

It is not only a question of your being a buddha, it is a question of saving this whole planet in its all beauty and greatness.

In the past, people used to be buddhas just for their own sake. Today, times are different. You have to be a buddha not only for your own sake, but for the sake of saving the whole world from nuclear weapons and the holders of nuclear weapons.

We have to create a great consciousness around the globe. That is our only protection against destructive science and the criminal politicians.

Remember: your responsibility is great, but it has to be a joy, not a duty. It has to be your love, your sharing of blissfulness, aliveness, your songs, your dances, your joy.

I am not telling you to be missionaries, I want you to be the mission. Missionaries have only carried borrowed knowledge. I want you to be the mission in the sense that you will be spreading your own experience. You will be radiating your own buddhahood. A wildfire has to be created around the globe, of consciousness.

This is the only hope for humanity, the only hope for the universe, to have this small planet so alive, so beautiful, so lovely. This is for the first time, that you are required to be buddhas not just for you, but to create an atmosphere in which a third world war cannot happen.

Can we celebrate the ten thousand buddhas?