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Chapter 24: Infallibility: Just a Popedream

And this aliveness I call godliness, divinity:

No person, but only a presence which is overflowing.

Gautam Buddha is right when he says, “When you attain to some peace, some silence, some joy, distribute it.” There is an arithmetic in it, because the more you distribute it, the more you become capable of getting it. People are very miserly.

It is reported that one man came to Buddha and said, “I follow all your teachings and I try my best to do everything, but one condition is troublesome. Can I make just a small exception?”

Buddha said, “Tell me what the exception is.”

He said, “I can distribute my virtue to the whole universe but not to my neighbor. So you have to give me permission to let my joy be distributed to the whole universe except my neighbor. That guy, if I have any chance, I will kill.”

Buddha said, “How can you distribute to the whole universe if you are excluding your own neighbor? No, this exception cannot be allowed. You will have to include your neighbor too; otherwise you are not really distributing. You have not understood the fundamentals of it.”

It is said about a Buddhist nun who had a golden statue of Buddha - and in Buddhist temples in Japan and in China, there are hundreds of statues.. People loved that man, Gautam Buddha, so immensely, that there is one mountain in China which has a temple with ten thousand Buddha statues. The whole mountain has been carved into statues. The whole mountain has become a temple. Ten thousand Buddhas!

Now, this nun was traveling as Buddhist monks and nuns travel, from one place to another. She had her golden Buddha, and in the morning she would pray to Buddha and she would burn fragrance in prayer. But she was very miserly so she was very much concerned because the fragrance went with the wind; it reached other Buddhas who were also in the temple. And that was her problem, that these Buddhas.. sometimes her golden Buddha missed completely; the wind took the fragrance to other Buddhas.

The nun was very inventive. She found a bamboo, a hollow bamboo, and she made a certain wooden pot, covered, with a hole for the bamboo. She would burn the fragrance inside the pot, cover it and put the other end of the bamboo to the golden Buddha’s nose. Just a poor human mind! She was very happy because now the fragrance was going just to her Buddha; and all those Buddhas - who knows who has made them? And she thought, “Anyway they are not mine.” But it created trouble: soon her Buddha’s face became black. She was very puzzled. She asked the chief monk of the monastery where she was staying what to do.

The monk could not believe it. He said, “What have you done to your golden Buddha? Such a beautiful statue and you have destroyed the face. What have you done?”

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