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Chapter 8: The Psychology of the Buddhas

The first question:

You said that you are trying to develop the third type of psychology, the psychology of the buddhas, but where will you get buddhas for study?

To begin with, one is already here, and sooner or later he will turn many of you into buddhas. If one is there, many become immediately possible because the one can work as a catalytic agent. Not that he will do something, but just because he is there things start moving on their own. That’s the meaning of a catalytic agent. Sooner or later, many of you will turn into buddhas, because everyone is basically a buddha. How long can you delay in recognizing it? How long can you postpone it? Difficult - you will try your best to postpone, to delay, to create millions of difficulties, but how long can you do this?

I am here to push you somehow into the abyss, where you die and the buddha is born. The problem is always in finding the one. Once the one is there the basic fulfillment, the basic requirement is fulfilled. Then many become immediately possible. And if many are there, then thousands become possible. The first works like a spark, and a small spark is enough to burn the whole earth. This is how it has happened in the past. Once Gautam became a buddha, thousands by and by had to become. Because it is not a question of becoming; you are already that. Somebody has to remind you, that’s all.

Just the other day I was reading one of Ramakrishna’s parables. I love it. I read it again and again whenever I come across it. It is the whole story of the master being a catalytic agent.

A tigress died while giving birth to a cub, and the cub was brought up by goats. Of course, the tiger believed himself to be a goat also. It was simple, natural; brought up by the goats, living with the goats, he believed that he was a goat. He remained a vegetarian, eating and chewing grass. He had no conception. Not even in his dreams could he dream that he was a tiger. And he was a tiger.

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