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Chapter 36: From Maya (Illusion) to Reality

I quoted Saraha; Saraha is one of the eighty-four siddhas - one of the eighty-four Buddhist mystics - who attained. Saraha says to those disciples who have become masters, “Behave in such a way that others can trust you. I know now that you need no morality; I know now that you need no rules. You have gone beyond, and you can do whatsoever you like and you can be whatsoever you like. Now, no system, no morality exists for you. But behave in such a way so that disciples can trust you.” So great masters have behaved in such a way that the society approves. It is not because they need to behave in that way; it is only an unnecessary thing to create trust. So if Mahavira behaves in the pattern that Jainas have set, it is not because there is any inner necessity. He behaves that way only so that Jainas can follow and become disciples, so that they can trust.

That is why many problems arise whenever a teacher starts behaving in a new way. Jesus behaved in a new way which was not known to the Jewish community. There was nothing wrong in it, but this became the problem. Jews couldn’t trust him. Their masters of old had behaved differently and this man was behaving differently. He was not following the rules of the game, so they couldn’t trust him. Thus, they had to crucify him.

And why did Jesus behave in such a way? India was behind it. He was here for many years before he appeared in Jerusalem. He was taught here in a Buddhist monastery, and he tried to follow Buddhist rules there where no Buddhist society existed. In a Jewish community he was behaving as if he was living in a Buddhist community, and that created the whole problem. He was killed, misunderstood, murdered, and the reason was only this - that Jews couldn’t trust him.

A teacher, a guru, has unnecessarily to create many things around him, to do many things, just to create trust. But even then, problems arise because everyone comes with his own expectations: “The guru must be like this or like that.”

Surrender means you leave your expectations, you allow the guru to be as he is and you allow him to do whatsoever he wants to do. Even if pain results, you are ready for it. Even if he leads you towards death you are ready for it, because ultimately he will lead you to a deep death. Only after it is rebirth possible. Resurrection is possible only when your old identity has been crucified.