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Chapter 29: Judgment Day: A Very Stupid Idea

And Jainism goes to the very logical end. It says whether you commit a sin really or you only dream about it, it makes no difference. As far as your record is concerned, it will be recorded.

Thoughts are the origin of things. If you have an idea of murder, you may not get the opportunity to materialize it, but the very idea of murder in your dream shows your mind. You are a murderer. Now, making love in your dream with somebody else’s wife, which almost everybody is doing.. You don’t allow it in the daytime, so the poor human mind has found a substitute. In the daytime the neighbor is sitting there with his gun, but in the night you have absolute freedom to make love to Cleopatra or anybody, even the queen of England. Even God cannot save her! In your dream, nobody can save her.

In Egypt there was one king who commanded his people, “Anybody coming into my dream will be immediately beheaded. I want silent sleep and I don’t want to be disturbed.” You cannot go even into his dream - and you are not going! You have nothing to do with him, it is his dream!

But many people were beheaded because once in a while somebody would show up. Most of them were women - neighbors’ women. Most of them were his own court people, because you see in your dream people with whom you are in some way acquainted. Some work is incomplete; the dream completes it.

The dream is a tremendous help to you. For example, your bladder is full in the night and you are asleep. Now if you become aware of the bladder, you will have to go to the bathroom and your sleep will be disturbed. The dream is very protective - you start dreaming that you are going to the bathroom. There is no need to go anywhere, there is no need to disturb the sleep. You simply dream you are going into the bathroom and you are relaxed. The dream saved you. The disturbance in the sleep is not allowed; the dream has created a buffer.

Every dream is your dream - nobody else is responsible for it. But there are idiots of all kinds. That king killed many people. And people were at a loss - what to do? Everybody was afraid, because if somehow he appears in the king’s dream, his life is finished. People stopped going any place where he could see their face, because perhaps he may remember the face in his dream and that is the end of their life.

Man has been in many ways repressed.

The body has to be repressed.in fact that’s why you have dreams, because you are repressing so many desires which pop up in your dreams. If you were living your life totally and fully, without any repression, you wouldn’t have any dreams. One beautiful woman journalist was just asking me, “I have heard you don’t have dreams.”

I said, “Certainly, I don’t have dreams. For example, I love you. You can be my girlfriend.”

She was shocked! She could not believe it! She enjoyed it too. She said, “But why are you saying it?”

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