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Chapter 4: I Mean Business!

Jesus was always a misfit; otherwise why did people crucify him? People have never crucified priests; they have always crucified buddhas. A Socrates is dangerous, disturbing, shocking but the priest is perfectly good, consoling, helping to make your life easier through his lies. His lies function as buffers, shock absorbers. He helps you in every possible way to live the false, pseudo life that you are living. He helps you to forget all about truth, and he gives you truth and God in such cheap ways that you need not risk anything at all.

By being a Christian you don’t risk, by being a Hindu you don’t risk. By being a follower of Jesus, you were risking. To be with me is a risk. To be with a shankaracharya is not a risk. To be with me is costly; it will create a thousand and one problems for you. Unless one is really committed to truth, really involved, really thirsty and hungry for truth, one cannot be here around me.

But millions of people want plastic flowers. Plastic flowers are very convenient; you need not grow them, you need not take the trouble of growing them. To grow real flowers is troublesome: think of the soil, prepare the ground, bring the manure and the fertilizers and water, and then protect them. And then too it always remains unpredictable what is going to happen.

Plastic flowers are perfectly convenient; you get them ready-made. No soil is needed, no preparation, no gardening - nothing of the sort. And they don’t fade away. Once in awhile you can give them a good bath, and they will again be as fresh as ever. They only collect dust, that’s all, and dust can be washed away.

That’s how beliefs are: plastic flowers. But millions of people want plastic flowers; hence the priest can exploit you. Remember always one of the most fundamental laws of economics: wherever there is a demand, there will be a supply. Because the false is demanded, there are falsifiers.

And this is a natural process. I am not saying, I cannot say, that my place will not become a business one day; it is going to become. Meanwhile, Thomas, if you are really interested, use the opportunity that I am and don’t bother about these things. You must have been around Jesus too. There was a Thomas, he is known as doubting Thomas. His name has become a symbol of doubt. You must have been around buddhas and you must have been asking the same question. And you are again asking the same question.

What is your worry? A few people want to be cheated, and a few people want to cheat, so it is perfectly okay. What is wrong in it? If there is nobody to cheat you, what will happen to those who want to be cheated? They will feel very miserable. They will not be able to live their lives as they want to live them. So nothing is wrong, they play a game of hide-and-seek. If you want to play the game of hide-and-seek, then there are many businesses around. And you must be part of some church, of some religion, of some creed.

Every truth, sooner or later, will be organized. And the moment it is organized, it dies.

There is a famous story.

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