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Chapter 1: Who Says Humanity Needs Saving?

I said, “What nonsense! But Gandhi’s personal secretary.that means, what about others?” And this man was praised because he never came in contact with any woman! Gandhi sent him to the aboriginal tribes and he had been doing what the master had said.

But he said to me, “You have disturbed me. Perhaps it is true: I am just trying to escape from myself, from my wounds, from my own anguish.”

So all these people who become interested in saving humanity, in the first place are very egoistic. They are thinking of themselves as saviors. In the second place, they are very sick. They are trying to forget their sickness. And in the third place, whatever they do is going to help man become worse than he is, because they are sick and blind and they are trying to lead people. And when blind people lead then you can be certain sooner or later the whole lot is going to fall into a well.

No, I am not interested in saving anybody. In fact, nobody needs saving. Everybody is perfectly okay as he is. Everybody is what he has chosen to be. Now who am I to disturb him? All that I can do is, I can say about myself what has happened to me. I can tell my story. Perhaps from that story someone may get an insight, a direction. Perhaps from that a door opens up. But I am not doing anything, I am simply sharing my own experience.

It is not service, I am enjoying it, so it is not service. Remember it. A servant has to be very long-faced and very serious - he is doing such a great work. He is carrying the Himalayas on his shoulders, the whole burden of the world.

I am not carrying anything:

No burden of the world, no burden of anybody.

And I am not doing any serious job.

I am just enjoying telling you about my experience. To share it is a joy in itself.

If something reaches to you, thank God!

He does not exist.

Don’t thank me - because I exist!