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Chapter 30: The Master Only Makes You Remember Who You Are

When the first group of mountain climbers, early in the century, tried to climb the highest peak of the Himalayas - Gourishankar, known to the world as Everest - they were asked: “Why are you putting your life in unnecessary danger?” Because there is nothing to be found.eternal snow, which has never melted.

And do you know, the leader replied, “It is not a question of finding anything there on the Everest. The question is that it is there, unclimbed, and it hurts our egos.”

Strange - the poor Everest is not doing anything to you. Almost hundreds of people have died in climbing Everest, for a simple reason - because it is there. It cannot remain unclimbed, man has to defeat it.

What is there on the moon? But it is there, this is the difficulty. What is there on Mars? It is there. And those millions of stars are there.

Man’s ego has no limits.

It is vast and it goes on growing.

The woman is satisfied with beautiful clothes, ornaments, a beautiful, small garden, a swimming pool - she does not ask much. And by the way, this is the reason no woman has been able to become a Gautam Buddha. You will be surprised. What can be the connection in it?

To become a Gautam Buddha, you need a very big ego so big that it becomes a mountainous burden on you. You have to get rid of it; otherwise it will kill you.

But the woman’s ego is so small, it never becomes a mountainous burden. There is no need to fight with it, to drop it. This is the reason why women have not been able to reach higher peaks of consciousness. They are easily satisfied with small things.

Man knows no satisfaction, and this dissatisfaction becomes so troublesome, so painful, that he has to find a way out of it.

You are asking how to achieve simplicity. A simplicity that is achieved is phony, because deep down you know you are not simple. A humbleness that is achieved is false because in your heart of hearts, you know it is just etiquette, mannerism. It pays in the world to be humble, to be simple - these are your masks.

But if you ask me, I will tell you: drop the idea of achievement. The very idea of achievement is egoistic.

You are simple, you are humble.

Just look all around.

Look at the ocean, look at the sky.

How can you manage not to be simple and not to be humble?

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