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Chapter 4: The Mystery of the Knack

Some time ago, in answer to my question as to whether enlightenment is the only way a disciple can express gratitude to her master, I heard you say that nothing could express the gratitude. I realized then that gratitude is something that we usually feel almost burdened with, and so we seek to find an outlet for it so that we are relieved of a debt. As the disciple can’t express her gratitude - and what would the master do with it anyway? - it seems to me that it could become a kind of quality in someone that could transform them. Would you please comment?

Maneesha, the path of the mystic is the path of growing qualities, of transforming the quantitative into the qualitative. For example, love can be a quantity - and as love is understood in the world of sleeping people, it is a quantity; hence, it is followed by jealousy.

If I love you, you are in continuous fear that I may start loving somebody else too.

And with the love divided, you will not be getting the same quantity you were getting before.

Jealousy is nothing but an expression that love is still a quantity in your mind: shared, it becomes less; shared with many people, you are getting less and less. Hence a monopoly is needed, so that you can have the whole lot of it.

And both of the lovers - because of this stupid idea - are suspicious, are always spying on each other. If your husband sees you laughing with somebody else, even that is enough to create a quarrel, a conflict, a fight. Your laughter is his monopoly. You cannot smile anywhere else, you cannot be joyful with somebody else; you are confined to an imprisonment. And the same way you are confined, you are jailed, in return you are creating a jail for your jailer. All lovers are functioning as jailers to each other.

Hence, love promises so many roses but brings only thorns, promises stars but brings only wounds.

The awakened person, the person who is conscious of his acts, of himself, transforms every quantity into quality. His love becomes lovingness. He is a loving person.

Now, lovingness is not a quantity, it is a quality. It is not confined to somebody, it has nothing to do with the other, it has something to do with yourself. Your heart is overflowing with a loving energy; everybody is invited.whoever is receptive.

The same is true about other ingredients of your


Gratitude is also one of the most important things in the interior world of man. But always remember the distinction: if gratitude is a quantity, then you are going to become burdened with it because quantity is material, and matter has weight; you need to be unburdened.

And when I said there is no way to show your gratitude to the master, naturally a problem arises: what you are going to do with this burden? You will be crushed under it. It may turn sour.

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