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Chapter 11: The Whole and Holy Circle

That’s what has happened. That calamity has happened to hatha yoga: they fixate, they concentrate, but they have forgotten light. They have completely forgotten about the guest, they only go on preparing the house. They have become so engrossed in preparing the house that they have forgotten the purpose for which they are preparing the house, for whom. The hatha yogi continuously prepares his body, purifies his body, does yoga postures, breathing exercises, and goes on doing, ad nauseam. He has completely forgotten what he is doing it for. And the light is standing there but he won’t allow it, because the light can come in only when he is completely in a let-go.

Fixation without contemplation is circulation without light.

This is the calamity that happens to the so-called yogis. The other kind of calamity happens to psychoanalysts, philosophers.

Contemplation without fixation is light without circulation!

They think about the light, but they have not made the preparation for it to flood in; they only think of light. They think of the guest: they imagine a thousand and one things about the guest, but their house is not ready. Both miss.

The Master says:

Take note of that!

Otherwise you can also miss. Prepare and then wait. Get ready. Looking at the tip of the nose, alert to the third eye, an erect spine, a comfortable posture - that’s all that you have to do - more than that is not needed. There is no need to go on for years doing yoga postures, year in, year out. That is stupid. And that’s why you will find the so-called yogis looking so stupid, unintelligent. Maybe their bodies are strong and they will live long, but what is the point of it?

Without light, life is going to remain unintelligent and dark. Whether you live long or short makes no difference. The real point is to live in light even for a single moment, and then it is enough - that single moment is eternity.

And there are philosophers who go on thinking about the light - what it is, how to define it, and which definition is the best and they constantly create many theories, dogmas, great systems of thought - but they are not ready for it.and the light is just waiting at the door.

Take note of that!

Don’t fall into either of these two fallacies. If you can remain alert, it is a very simple process and immensely transforming. In a single moment, a man who understands rightly can enter into a separate kind of reality.

God is not far away, God is within you.

Enough for today.