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Chapter 2: The Unknown Is Calling

Always look at it this way: The way I have lived up to now, the way I have thought, have I gained anything from it or not? Think it over. Don’t think what will be gained or won’t be gained in the future - the future is unknown.

Sannyas is unfamiliar. You will only know it by entering into the experiment, you will only know by tasting it. How can you decide whether something is tasty or not before tasting it? You will have to trust somebody - somebody who has tasted it.

You often visit here. I have tasted it, and I say unto you, come forward, move ahead. And there are many here who are becoming ecstatic, who are dissolving. When you see their ecstasy, their dissolving, the feeling for sannyas arises in your heart also - otherwise why this desire for sannyas? Your heart is already thrilled; it is only your mind that is being the obstacle.

The mind is always traditional. The heart is always eager to go with the new and the head is always ready to stay tied to the old. The mind has nothing except the past. The mind is only a treasure of memories; it is all the past. The mind has no future. Something becomes a part of the mind only when it has become the past. When you have experienced something then it becomes part of the mind. Mind lives in the past, in the dead. So the mind is afraid of moving into the future, but the heart is always ready to take the jump.

Your heart is full of rejoicing, your heart wants to take the step, but it is the mind that is cunning. The mind says: “Stop, think, first consider what will happen if you move on the new path and still get nothing? What if you have to return? What if you change your lifestyle, what if you take so much trouble and still the reward is not worth it. Think a little, calculate, figure it out.” But if you listen to the mind you will never take the step.

Just think of a child still in the mother’s womb about to be born. If he has a mind, if intellect has already arisen it would say: “Where are you going? This way of life, this living in the womb is so comfortable - no troubles, no worries, no responsibilities, just sleeping twenty-four hours a day - where do you think you are going? Nobody knows what is outside and what troubles will come, what challenges will come.”

If a child calculates a little, has a little logic, then no child will ever be born from the mother’s womb. But there is no calculating, calculating comes later - fortunately. Logic comes later. The child has only the heart eager for the new, excited.

If we were to follow the intellect the earth would be full of senility. This is what has happened to this country: people have tied themselves to excessive intellectuality. Hence this country has become senile, this country has lost its youth. It is living in ruins. It sings its praises only to the past and has no enthusiasm for the new. It praises fallen yellow leaves and turns its back on the new shoots that are blooming. It worships lifeless stones, the traces of the past. It has become a blind believer. Everyone’s mind has become like this.

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