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Chapter 78: The Inner Guide

So if you can be prepared to slow down a little, to become non-calculating, playing like children, here and now, then these simple techniques can work miracles. But this century is too time-conscious. That’s why you ask, “It seems that we need techniques to achieve these techniques”.

No. These are techniques, not end-results. They look like end-results because you cannot conceive of how they can work. They can work in particular mind; they cannot work in other types of mind. And really, those who know, they say that all the techniques will ultimately bring you to the innocence where the phenomenon happens. When the phenomenon happens, it will be because the techniques will have brought you to that innocence - if the innocence is there.

But it is difficult now because nowhere is innocence taught; everywhere we are teaching cleverness. Universities are not to make you innocent, they are to make you clever, cunning, calculating. The more clever you are, the better you will be in the struggle of life. You can gain much wealth, prestige, power, if you are calculating. If you are innocent, you will prove to be stupid; if you are innocent, then you will be nowhere in this competitive world. This is the problem: in this competitive world you may not be anywhere, but in that non-competitive world of nirvana, if you are innocent, you will be somewhere. If you are calculating you will not be anywhere in the world of nirvana, but in this world you will be somewhere. And we have chosen this world to be our goal.

Old universities differed completely, their orientation was totally different. Nalanda, Takshsila - they did not teach calculation, they did not teach cleverness. They were teaching innocence. Their orientation was different from Oxford or Kashi or Cambridge. Their orientation was totally different - they were creating a different type of mind. So it almost always happened that a person who studied in Takshsila or Nalanda would become a bhikkhu, a sannyasin, in the end. By the time he graduated from university he would renounce this world. Those universities were anti-world; they were preparing for some other dimension. They were preparing you for something else which cannot be measured in terms of this world. These techniques were for those type of people. Either they were innocent by their nature or they were training themselves to be innocent.

When Jesus said to his followers, “If someone hits you on one cheek, you give him the other,” what is he intending to do? He is trying to make you innocent. Only a foolish person would do this. When someone hits you on one cheek, a calculating mind will say, “Hit him hard, immediately.” And a really calculating mind will say, “Before someone hits you, hit him. Because attack is the best defense.” Ask Machiavelli - he is the cleverest mind. He says, “Before someone attacks you, you attack him, because attack is the best defense. Once someone has attacked you, you are already weak; he has already gained over you. Now the race is not equal. He is ahead of you. So don’t allow the enemy to go ahead. Attack before anybody attacks you.”

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