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Chapter 3: Returning to the Original Mind

The original mind exists without any motivation. It exists without any cause. It exists without any support: anasayam literally means without any support. It exists without any ground, groundless. It exists in itself, it has no outward support. It has to be so because the ultimate cannot have any support - because the ultimate means the total - nothing is outside it. You can think that you are sitting on the earth, and then the earth is being supported by some magnetic forces in the planetary system, and the planets are supported by some other magnetic force of some super-sun. But the whole cannot have any support, because from where will the support come? The total cannot have any grounding to it.

You go to the market; of course, you have a motivation: you go to earn money. You come home; you have a certain motivation: to rest. You eat food because you are hungry; there is a cause to it. You have come to me - there is a motivation; you are in search of something. It may be vague, clear, known, not known, but the motivation is there. But what can be the motivation of the total? It is unmotivated, it is desireless - because motivation will bring something from the outside. That’s why Hindus call it leela, a play. A play comes from the inside: you are just going for a walk - there is no motivation, not even health. A health fanatic never goes for a walk; he cannot go because he cannot enjoy the very walk. He’s calculating, “How many miles?” He’s calculating, “How many deep breaths?” He’s calculating, “How much perspiration?” He’s calculating. He is taking the morning walk as work to be done, as an exercise. It is not just a play.

The English word illusion is almost always used as a translation for the Eastern word maya. Ordinarily, the word illusion means unreal, but that is not its true meaning. It comes from a Latin root, ludere, which means to play. Illusion simply means a play, and that is the real meaning of maya. Maya does not mean illusory; it simply means playful: God is playing with himself. Of course, He was nobody except himself, so he is playing hide-and-seek with himself. He hides one of his hands and tries to find it with another hand, knowing all the time where it is.

The original mind is unmotivated, with no cause. Other minds which are not original but imposed upon are, of course, motivated, and because of motivation we cultivate them. If you want to become a doctor you will have to cultivate a certain mind: you will have to become a doctor. If you want to become an engineer you will have to cultivate another sort of mind. If you want to become a poet, you cannot cultivate the mind of a mathematician. Then you will have to cultivate the mind of a poet. So whatsoever is your motivation, you create a certain mind.

I have heard:

A lady was seated on a bus with her son. She bought a single ticket. The conductor addressed the boy, “How old are you, little fellow?”

“I am four,” answered the lad.

“And when will you be five?” asked the conductor.

The boy glanced at his mother, who was smiling her approval of the conversation, and said, “When I get off this bus.”

He has been taught to say something but still he cannot understand the motivation. He has been taught to say “four years” to save a ticket, but he does not know the motivation of it so he repeats it like a parrot.

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