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Chapter 16: The Present Is the Only Time You Have

Naturally, no new servant could beat the master. But the old servant was really good. He would hit him hard, pull him out of bed by his legs - and Kant is shouting, abusing him, but he would not listen. There were times when the servant would slap him: “Wake up! It is three o’clock. Don’t create any nuisance and noise, because there are neighbors too, and they don’t want to get up at three o’clock.”

He almost had to wrestle with him. It was an everyday routine - three o’clock, a wrestling match. Kant would go on slipping under his blanket, and the servant would go on pulling him out.

The world may be attracted by the idea of awakening, but sleep has its own soothing calmness. So when you are talking with people about awareness, they may listen to it - they may even think that they will give it a try - but to remain unconscious is very consoling. And when you are surrounded by millions of sleeping people, their sleep is going to affect you, unless you have come to the highest peak of awareness - from where there is no turning back.

Jivan Mary, I can see your frail bud, and I can see your immense longing to help people; but that can be done here and now, not there and then. You become more and more seasoned. When I see that you are in a position where no mob unconsciousness can crawl into you, I would like you to go into the world.

But you can help people from here; and you can help people from here more than you would be able to help people there, because here you are not alone. With you there are hundreds of my people - my whole garden, in different stages of growth. They are all a support to you; they are all a tremendous nourishment to you. You will not find these trees anywhere else, because these trees have been absorbing silence, peace, joy, ecstasy.

A few days ago the mayor of Pune came to my room. He could not restrain himself; he touched my feet. And when he was going out, he told Neelam, “I have never been in such a silent room, so cool, so fresh - it is really a temple. I am overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the room.”

Anybody who comes here will be overwhelmed. These trees are no longer ordinary - they are sannyasins. The very air has a different vibe: even when you go away, your song, your dance, your joy go on vibrating here. This is how a temple is created. A temple is not made of bricks, is not made of statues; a temple is made of a different vibe - the vibration of silence, peace, joy, and blissfulness.

Linger on a little more in this buddhafield. When you are ripe, you will know it yourself. Then there is no problem: either you can remain here and go on growing - your growth is going to be a tremendous help for the growth of humanity - or you can be somewhere else.

But here - because you are a commune, a sangha - you are not alone; so many people are pouring their awareness, it becomes almost a pillar of fire.

I never go out of my room; I just come in the morning and in the evening to be with you. But remaining in my room, just sitting silently, I know I am doing everything that can be done to save humanity.

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