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Chapter 23: When You Meet Me Just Say Good-bye

And remember, to say good-bye is more difficult than to kill, because when you say good-bye your eyes will be full of tears, your heart will be weeping. As far as killing is concerned that is very simple, non-complicated. A single blow and the poor master is dead. And then you will be surprised that it is not only the poor master who is dead, but with the poor master you are also dead. He was your life - you have committed suicide!

But these words killing and suicide are not very poetic. I say, “When you meet me on the path, say gracefully, without tears in your eyes, ‘Good-bye’ - and don’t look back.”

Naturally you will also disappear. What remains is the pure existence.

We are simply waves in the pure existence and its ocean. When the wave disappears nothing disappears..

A curve is simply no more.

A curve has become a straight line.

Nobody dies and nobody disappears. Existence remains the same through all the changes, through all the climates, through all the forms, through all the seasons, through life, through birth, through death.

You should not take it very seriously..

One Christian monk said to me, “This seems to be very strange that a man who taught non-violence for his whole life says, ‘If I meet you on the way kill me.’“

The Christian monk was in a way right, because the word killing does not give you the sense of compassion and love. But he did not understand that as far as Gautam Buddha or people like Krishna are concerned, nothing is killed. Only the form is dissolved into a new form. You cannot destroy anything in this world, you can only change, and change is continuously happening.

It is good that you accept this change as the very nature of existence, and with it drop all resistance and change with a deep surrender, let-go.

Don’t even swim downstream, just flow.

Wherever the stream is going is home.

And you are also asking what it means being in the presence of the master?

It means to be absent as yourself and let the master’s presence surround you, penetrate you, burn you, change you, transform you. You drop all defense, you drop all distance, you drop all fear; you simply melt and merge in the energy that surrounds the master. That is what is meant to be in the presence of the master.

Everybody who is present is not present in the sense that I am telling you to be present. You can be present as yourself for years and nothing will happen, and you can be present the way I am telling you just for a single moment - and you will be reborn.

The presence of the master is a fire in which you have to be burned, but whatever is gold will remain and whatever is not gold will be burned. To be twenty-four carat gold is a sheer joy. Utter purity like a flower will start surrounding you. A new energy that you had not known, although it is your own but has been asleep, dormant, becomes radiant. You start to glow in a new style of life and love, in a new way you dance and sing and celebrate.

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