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Chapter 11: I Am Not Your Father

He promised; he was accepted. But a strange phenomenon started happening in the group, when they were moving from one place to another, staying overnight in a caravanserai, or in a temple. A strange thing started happening; people started missing their things. More strange than that was that everybody found his things in somebody else’s bag. It became a mystery, how things moved from one’s bags into somebody else’s bag. They were not lost, you just had to search again. Everybody asked..

Eknath said, “I know what is the matter. Call that thirty-first man we have accepted.” He said, “You have to be true. Have you been doing this?”

The man said, “I have promised not to steal, I have not promised that I will not put something from one place into another place. You have to forgive me, I am completely addicted to stealing. This much you will have to tolerate. I have not taken anything from anybody. But when everybody is sleeping, you know, it becomes such a great itch - so many people sleeping with so many beautiful things, and I think ‘What the hell are you doing here?’

“Night is my day. For years I have slept in the day and remained awake in the night because that was my business time. And I am feeling in trouble. The whole day I am feeling sleepy, and as the night comes, I become fully awake. Hence, seeing all these rich people with precious diamonds, necklaces, pearls, the temptation is too much. But I have kept my promise. I take somebody’s necklace and put it onto somebody else’s neck. Do you think it is going against my promise?”

Eknath laughed. He said, “No, this you can do; these thirty people will just have to work out where their things are! But I can understand you, your trouble.”

I can also understand you and your trouble. You are a hypocrite. You have been pretending to be what you are not. And without knowing, in your question you have done the same thing.

You say unconsciously you have replaced your father with me, your family with the commune. How do you know it? To know the unconscious is to become enlightened, because the unconscious is nine times bigger than your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is a thin layer. The unconscious mind is deep, dark, and you know nothing about it. So please be clear. At least don’t cheat yourself. It is a conscious thing that you have done and you are dumping it on the unconscious. Understanding this much will destroy the whole thing.

I am not your father, I am not even your uncle. And I am not soft. My sword may look very soft but it really cuts deep.

And once you drop the idea of this replacement, which is absolutely absurd, then all resentment, hatred, anger, will disappear automatically. You will not have to do anything else, you have simply to accept that you have been deceiving yourself. And this is a deception. What can be more deceptive?

But one thing is that now there is no going back. You have already fallen in love with me; you enjoy my talks, you love what I have to say. You cannot go back, the only way is forward. So why be bothered with the past?

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