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Chapter 8: The Man of Enlightened Freedom

But naturally he has to suffer. He has to suffer because the whole crowd is of slaves, blind people. They feel hurt - deeply hurt - by his presence, by his freedom. They continuously compare, and feel deep down guilty that they have never stood up for their own freedom. They have remained sheep, just part of a crowd; they never declared their individuality. And now there is a man of absolute freedom.

Those who have any intelligence will fall in love with this man of freedom; but very few people have intelligence. Most people live without any intelligence in their life - a robot life, almost mechanical. They all are going to be against such persons - in the name of religion, in the name of morality, in the name of society. Their excuse is that these people are dangerous: if everybody starts functioning according to his own truth, then there will be no society, no state, no nation, no army, no war.

The whole society is committed to such stupid things that a man of enlightened freedom cannot be committed to any of them. He cannot be Indian or French or Chinese; the whole earth is one for him. His every action is according to his own consciousness, not according to any teaching of some dead, so-called wise person. He has his own eyes to see; why should he listen to others? He has his own ears to hear; why should he listen to others? He has his own consciousness to decide; why should he follow the ten commandments of Moses, or the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, or the Shrimad Bhagavadgita of Krishna? They may be beautiful, but they are not going to guide your life.

The moment you have guidelines from others, you are spiritually a slave.

In other words, Engo is saying the enlightened man lives according to his own life source, without any consideration or compromise with the crowd. He is absolutely an individualist and he wants everybody else also to be individualists.

There is nothing more valuable than freedom because only in freedom can you blossom to your ultimate potential. As a slave you are crippled, you are cut, you are in a mold; you are in chains, you are in cages - different sizes of cages, different forms of cages..

But remember one thing: that which has not arisen within you is always some kind of slavery.

The first definition of the enlightened man is perfect freedom in active life. He is bound to be condemned, because the crowd gets disturbed. The crowd gets disturbed because such a man is going to destroy their slavery, which they think is a very cozy and safe lifestyle.

I am reminded of a story.

In a mountainous region, a man of freedom rested for a day in a caravanserai. That caravanserai had a beautiful parrot, and the owner had taught the parrot.The parrot was continuously asking for freedom - “Freedom!” It was strange..

The stranger, an enlightened man, could not believe this whole thing. Because first you put him in the cage, and then you teach him to repeat “Freedom!” If the owner is honest, he should give him freedom!

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