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Chapter 4: Emptiness

Is-ness is the nature of the inner emptiness; consciousness is the nature of the inner emptiness; bliss is the nature of the inner emptiness. That’s the fear people feel when they move into meditation. When they move into meditation they become afraid, they start trembling. A deep inner trembling arises. A deep anxiety and anguish arises. Why should it be so? You are coming nearer to a blissful state, nearer to an alert, aware consciousness, nearer to existence. Why are you scared of death? You are scared because you don’t know how to be empty. You know only how to be filled, you don’t know how to be empty. You don’t know how to die, how to die to the personality, how to remain in the inner emptiness. You don’t know. When you come inwards and thoughts start moving away from you, suddenly fear takes possession. Where are you going? You feel like you are disappearing, you feel like you are dying. A sort of non-existence grips you - as if you are standing at an abyss and you are looking down and it is bottomless. And you start trembling and perspiration pours from every pore of your body. Death is encountered.

If you escape from this point you will never be able to meditate. Hence a master is needed. When you start getting afraid he can persuade you not to be afraid, he can help you: “Look at me. I have passed through this and yet I am. I have become empty and yet I am. And I am more than you, more than the whole existence put together.” Somebody is needed to whom you can look, into whose eyes you can glimpse the same emptiness that you are coming to within yourself. And yet you can see that he is, and he is totally and absolutely. So don’t be afraid. His being gives you courage, his presence gives you courage. A master does nothing in fact. He is a catalytic agent, just his presence is enough. Once you fall into that emptiness you will start laughing and you will say, “There is no death. I was unnecessarily afraid, baselessly afraid.” Passing through death you become deathless.

This much I can say to you: you are a no-self. Become a no-self. And no-self is not empty in any negative sense, it is the greatest positivity.

The second question:

You said that you encompass all opposites in you, that you do not deny the sinner or the hate in you. In another lecture once you said you do not deny the devil in you, you are total. This puzzles me though. All I have ever felt from you are vast vast reaches of love and compassion and a feeling of absolute goodness. When and where is your devil and your hate?

When you are both, the devil is absorbed by the divine - because it is a part of it. In fact this is the inner arithmetic. If you live a part life you will be the devil, because the devil is nothing but a part claiming to be the whole. A part claiming that it is the whole - this is what devilishness is. When you accept it, it is absorbed by the whole. If you fight with it, then you will be fighting with yourself and you will always remain divided. In division the devil can exist - it exists in division. It cannot exist when you are whole and total. When you are divided then in the cracks it exists; it gets rooted in the cracks, in between two parts. When you accept everything, the whole of life as it is, without denying, without renouncing, without calling it names - this is bad and that is good - when you accept life as it is, whatsoever it is, whatsoever the case, when you accept it in its totality, the devil disappears. It is absorbed by existence, it is absorbed by the divine.

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