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Chapter 1: Remember, Remember!

(But the octopus lands on Nirvano’s head instead. meanwhile, a large crocodile is inching along the podium, while a red, cuddly lobster is dancing in the air. Finally, the octopus gets to his destination - Stonehead’s head. Osho is chuckling and enjoying the show tremendously, as well as the assembly, which is simply drowning in an ocean of laughter.)

Great, Avirbhava! Take your gods away.

Daio once said to a monk:
“The peak experience, the final act - as soon as you try to pursue it in thought, there are white clouds for a thousand miles. But even if you go back upon seeing the monastery flagpole at a distance, or head off freely upon seeing a beckoning hand, this is still only half the issue; it is not yet the strategic action of the whole capability.
You have traveled and studied various places and spent a long time in monasteries. Don’t stick to the ruts in the road of the ancients - you must travel a living road on your own.”

This can be called one of the very fundamentals of Zen: Don’t stick to the ruts in the roads of the ancients - you must travel a living road on your own.

The fact is, you cannot travel on anybody’s road because that road will never lead you to yourself. It will lead you to somebody else, whose road it is. Never be a follower; always be a path finder. And the path in the unknown reality of your inner world is made by walking into the unknown, without any road prepared by others for you.

All the religions are doing that: they are preparing roads for millions of people - highways, super highways. There are six hundred million Catholics walking on one road. They are not going to reach anywhere; not a single one of them has reached even to the state of Jesus Christ. And nobody even thinks about it. Six hundred million Catholics for eighteen hundred years following a certain road persistently, and they have not produced a single Jesus worth the name. It is not their fault, it is our whole mental makeup. We have been told that we have to walk on paths which are prepared. But this is a different path.

All paths that go outwards are prepared beforehand. You can go to the north, you can go to the south; you can go anywhere, the road is ready. But to go inside, no road is ready, you will have to create it by walking. It will remain always an individual pathway. Nobody else will ever walk on it and nobody else should ever walk on it, because that will lead him into a hypocrisy. He will become someone else that he is not. It is a very important message:

Don’t stick to the ruts in the road of the ancients.

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