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Chapter 19: The Bliss of Aloneness

There are people who are after power, but the reason is the same: when they are in power so many people are with them, millions of people are under their domination. They are not alone. They are great political and religious leaders. But power changes. One day you have it, another day it is gone, and suddenly the whole illusion disappears. You are as lonely as nobody else is, because others are accustomed to being lonely. You are not accustomed.your loneliness hurts you more.

Society has tried to make arrangements so that you can forget loneliness. Arranged marriages are just an effort for you to know that your wife is with you. All religions resist divorce for the simple reason that if divorce is allowed then the basic purpose marriage was invented for is destroyed. The basic purpose was to give you a companion, a lifelong companion.

But even though a wife will be with you, a husband will be with you, for your whole life, that does not mean that love remains the same. In fact, rather than giving you a companion, they give you a burden to carry. You were lonely, already in trouble, and now you have to carry another person who is lonely. And in this life there is no hope, because once love disappears you both are lonely, and both have to tolerate each other. Now it is not a question of being enchanted by each other - at the most you can patiently tolerate each other - but your loneliness has not been changed by the social strategy of marriage.

Religions have tried to make you a member of an organized body of religion so you are always in a crowd. You know that there are six hundred million Catholics. You are not alone: six hundred million Catholics are with you, Jesus Christ is your savior, God is with you. Alone you may have been wrong, doubt may have arisen, but six hundred million people cannot be wrong - a little support. But even that is gone because there are millions who are not Catholics. There are the people who crucified Jesus. There are people who don’t believe in God - and their number is not less than Catholics, it is more than Catholics. And there are different religions with different concepts.

It is difficult for an intelligent person not to doubt. You may have millions of people following a certain belief system, but still you cannot be certain that you are not lonely, that they are with you.

God was a device, but all devices have failed. It was a device: when there is not anything there, at least God is with you. He is always with you everywhere. In the dark night of the soul, he is with you. Don’t be worried.

It was good for a childish humanity to be deceived by this concept, but you cannot be deceived by this concept. This God who is always everywhere - you don’t see him, you can’t talk to him, you cannot touch him. You don’t have any evidence for his existence, except your desire that he should be there. But your desire is not a proof of anything.

God is only a desire of the childish mind. But man has come of age, and God has become meaningless. The hypothesis has lost its grip.

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