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Chapter 15: Breakthrough.to Buddhahood

This is the fire test. When a man can kill the cobra and not be killed by the cobra, he has become immune to all kinds of poisons in the world.

But the basic method in that school is also awareness. You have to keep alert and aware; that’s why no drug affects you. That’s the whole process of a strange school - but the man attains to great awareness.

Psychoanalysis is a very mild drug. You become accustomed, immune to one psychoanalyst. You go to somebody who is stronger, who goes deeper into your mind and finds stuff that the first one has not been able to find. This goes on and on. Psychoanalysts have been around for almost a century, but in one hundred years, they have not been able to bring a man to the understanding of his mind. Psychoanalysis has failed utterly.

Awareness has a beauty: it does not depend on anybody else; it is just the arising of a new force that has been dormant in you. And you don’t analyze the mind. That is an absolutely futile exercise. You simply watch the mind without any analysis, any judgment, any appreciation, any condemnation, any evaluation - you simply watch, as if you have nothing to do with it. You are separate and you are watching the mind.

But this separation creates the miracle, because the mind is a parasite; it lives on your blood, it lives on your energy. Because you are identified with the mind, it lives. You are nourishing its roots. So the whole process of psychoanalysis is simply stupid. You are not cutting the roots; you are nourishing the roots and you are simply cutting the leaves. The foliage will become thicker and thicker.

It is no wonder that psychoanalysts go mad four times more than any other profession, and four times more psychoanalysts commit suicide than any other professions in the world. If this is the situation with psychoanalysts, what to think about their patients? The patients have fallen into wrong hands. But psychoanalysis is in fashion and it is one of the most highly paid professions in the West.

It has been joked about around the world that the Jews missed Jesus; it was their own boy who created the greatest profession in the world - of the priests and the monks, Catholics and Protestants. They have never been able to forgive themselves. Now Catholics are the richest religious organization. The Jews cannot forgive themselves that they unnecessarily crucified their own boy who was creating a great profession.

But they have taken revenge through Karl Marx, by creating another religion, communism. Karl Marx was a Jew. If half the world is Christian, then the other half of the world is communist. They are even. And they are even better off, because through Sigmund Freud, another Jew, they have created a highly paid profession in the world. But neither Christianity nor communism has been of any help; nor has psychoanalysis been of any help. They all have exploited men in different ways.

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