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Chapter 7: The Time Is Short

This is the situation: this is my situation, this is your situation. On your own accord you have become part of my caravan. I had started alone; then people went on coming, and the caravan went on becoming bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Now we are a reality the world cannot tolerate. They will condemn you, they will curse you, they will criticize you - but they cannot destroy you for the simple reason that they are mere ghosts of the past.

They are not living people: they can make much noise, you just have to remember that they are dead and that the future does not belong to them. They can look backwards into the past: they can sing songs of glory about Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Mahavira, but they don’t have any eyes for the future. They don’t even have eyes for the present. And to have eyes for the past is absolutely meaningless, because the past is no more - it is dead, it is a long, long graveyard.

And suddenly you come and start dancing and singing and celebrating. It hurts their egos. It makes them feel inferior. When they have missed joy, how dare you dance and sing? And for what? They know only one thing, that you can be happy, but for happiness you need a certain cause. And I am teaching you that happiness is your nature, you don’t need any cause.

It is not that when you win a lottery of one million dollars you give a big party, wine and women and dance - that would be understood. But I am saying you need not win any lottery, you need no cause to be blissful. Blissfulness is your very nature; sadness needs a certain cause, bliss is free of all causality. Once you have understood it, you become a participant in a new way of life, a way so new that it is discontinuous with the past.

But you have to understand that all those poor people who have missed are going to be angry with you. In their criticism, in their condemnation, there is nothing but jealousy, anger. They cannot believe that you can be right, because for millions of years they have lived the life of sadness and sorrow - and suddenly a few strangers arrive on the earth as if from another planet, and start doing things which have never been done. They would like to destroy you so they feel comfortable; they would like that you are not. They will feel a certain satisfaction that whatever they are is the only reality, that there is no other reality.

But they cannot destroy you for the simple reason that you are living: you are vital energy and they are spent cartridges. They can shoot you with their guns, but their guns are full of spent cartridges. They cannot destroy you; life is so strong and death is so weak, joy is so strong and sadness is just a shadow - you are undefeatable.

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