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Chapter 7: All Dreams Must Cease

.because he was always listening - if there was a job to be done, then more men were put on. “So why, what is the trouble? Can’t you put more men on the job?” And it is difficult to tell this child that what he is saying is wrong - he is absolutely logical.

You know the world of the many. The child knows the world of the jobs around the house, every day it is happening. And a rich father is always putting many men on the job and finishing everything within moments. He knows that language, but he does not know the mystery of how a life enters into the world. “Put more men on the job!” He is logical and it is difficult to make him understand unless he grows, grows in understanding.

You know the language of duality, the language of this world. It is impossible to tell anything to you about the one essence. Whatsoever is said will be understood wrongly, misunderstood - unless you grow. This is the whole problem.

Many times people come to me and they ask questions. Their questions are relevant but I can’t answer, because the answer can only be possible when they grow. And they think, “You ask and an answer must be there, readymade.” They think, “If you can ask and articulate a question it is enough - now give the answer!”

But there are answers which can be given to you only when you grow. And this is the problem: when you grow there is no need to give them to you, you simply understand. When this child grows, is there any need for us to tell him that he was foolish? He will laugh, he will say, “Yes, I understand. It is not a question of putting more men on the job. It is not a job at all.”

When you grow you understand, but you ask when you are like children. And you think that your question is right, an answer should be given. Nothing of the truth can be said to you, and all that is said is always nearabout, approximate. And remember, there is nothing like approximate truth. Either it is true or untrue. So whatsoever is said is meaningless. When you know you will laugh. But there is no other way, nothing else can be done.

So, all sayings of Sosan or Buddha or anybody are just to allure you towards a growth. What they say is not very important. If you become interested and start growing and moving in a dimension which you don’t know anything about, that is the point.

To understand the mystery of this one-essence
is to be released from all entanglements.
When all things are seen equally,
the timeless self-essence is reached.
No comparisons or analogies are possible
in this causeless, relationless state.

There is no cause to the ultimate, because from where will the cause come? The ultimate is the whole. The ultimate is not related, because to whom will it be related? It is alone.