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Chapter 20: Let Go: The Cure for the Disease of Becoming

If you can understand the message to celebrate, to rejoice, even in three lives it is early; it is not late. You are fortunate that you got it in three years. How much time you take depends on you. You could have got it the very moment I gave it to you. You took three years - postponing for tomorrow because so many other things have to be done, postponing for other reasons. Because, celebrating when the whole world is in misery, you will look insane. “What are you doing? The world is facing a nuclear disaster and you are celebrating?” You have found many reasons to remain miserable, to remain sad, to remain serious; but you managed to come out of them in three years.

If you ask me, you have come home quite early. It is not a long time. In fact, whenever you understand it, it is always early, because thousands of times, for thousands of lives you have heard it and you did not get it. You went on postponing, you went on forgetting.

I was referring in a talk to a beautiful book, Waiting For Godot. The author certainly means waiting for God; but not to hurt anybody, he manages to create a fictitious name Godot. But reading the whole story - and it is a small piece - two persons are sitting underneath a tree, and they are saying, “He has not come, this is the time; he should have reached here by now.” They are getting worried and they are talking, and. And nobody says who this Godot is. Or when this Godot promised to come, or who has ever met him - nobody touches any sensitive points. It is taken for granted that Godot is coming. It is good when you have nothing to do, at least to wait - something is going to happen.

I thought perhaps Godot may be the German word for God, so I asked my oldest German sannyasin Haridas, “Haridas, is Godot a German word for God?”

Haridas said, “No.”

I said, “What is German for God?”

He said, “The German word is Gott!”

And I said, “That is really German! Gott!”

There is no question of getting it; in three years you gott it!