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Chapter 10: My Work Has Just Begun

Anand Rose

Osho Times, Cologne, Germany

No country, not even America, is as upset as the Germans at your presence in the world today, and at your influence on intelligent and creative people. They are trying hard to see you as another Hitler. What does that tell about the German mind, forty years after Hitler’s death?

The ghost of Adolf Hitler, his long shadow, is still present. And Adolf Hitler is not something that you can confine to one person, it is something deep down in the German mind itself. Adolf Hitler would not have existed if the German mind had not been supportive of him. And not only ordinary people who can be easily influenced, impressed, but exceptional people: geniuses like Heidegger, who is certainly the most important philosopher of the twentieth century - he was a follower of Adolf Hitler.

What these people were seeing in Adolf Hitler was something that was in themselves, in Adolf Hitler it was magnified. In themselves they could not see it, but Adolf Hitler became the mirror, they could see it. And he became the representative of the collective unconscious mind of Germany; hence the influence that he had.

Although forty years have passed, the German mind is still the same. And when they see my influence on people they become afraid, for the simple reason that if I can influence so many young intelligent German people, I can paint the whole of Germany red. And Germany has suffered through Adolf Hitler’s influence so much, the wound is still there and it hurts.

They don’t know much about me, all they know is that thousands of young Germans are ready to die for me. To their knowledge, this phenomenon had happened only with Adolf Hitler. In the same way, thousands and thousands of people were ready to die for him, to do anything for him, so they see a certain similarity. But there is no similarity at all: I teach people to live for me, not to die for me. I teach people to dance for me, not to die for me.

All your so-called great leaders of the world have told their people that they should be ready to die for them, it was thought to be something of great pride. And certainly millions have died for idiots - they died, they killed; all kinds of neurosis was released by these so-called leaders. I am not a leader, I am not a politician; I insist to my people to live long, to live happily, to rejoice. Even if I die, celebrate it; nobody has ever said to his people, “When I die you rejoice and celebrate, sing and dance.”

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