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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

These religions have been talking irreligion. There is no need for you to prove anything. The very phenomenon that existence has produced you is enough; you are accepted. Existence has mothered you, it is enough. What more can you prove? You need not be great painters, you need not be great leaders, you need not be great saints. There is no need to be great, because you are already great. This is my emphasis: you are already that which you ought to be. You may not have realized it, that I know. You may not have encountered your own reality, that I know. You may not have looked within yourself and seen the emperor within, that I know. You may be thinking that you are a beggar and trying to be an emperor. But as I see you, you are already the emperor.

There is no need to postpone celebration. Immediately, right this moment, you can celebrate. Nothing else is needed. To celebrate life is needed, and life you have. To celebrate being is needed, and being you have. To celebrate trees and birds and stars are needed, and they are there. What else do you need? If you are crowned and caged in a golden palace, then will you celebrate? In fact, then it will become more impossible. Have you ever seen an emperor laughing and dancing and singing in the street? No, he is caged, imprisoned: manners, etiquette..

Somewhere, Bertrand Russell has written that when for the first time he visited a primitive community of aboriginals living deep in some hills he felt jealous, very, very jealous. He felt that the way they danced.it was as if everybody was an emperor. They had no crowns, but they had made crowns with leaves and with flowers. Every woman was a queen. They didn’t have Kohinoors, but whatsoever they had was too much, was enough. They danced the whole night and then they fell asleep, there on the dancing-ground. By the morning they were again back to work. They worked the whole day, and again by the evening they were ready to celebrate, to dance. Russell says, “That day I felt really jealous. I cannot do this.”

Something has gone wrong. Something frustrates within you; you cannot dance, you cannot sing - something withholds. You live a crippled life. It has never been meant for you to be crippled, but you live a crippled life, you live a paralyzed life. And you go on thinking that, being ordinary, how can you celebrate? There is nothing special in you. But who told you that to celebrate something special is needed? In fact, the more you are after the special, the more and more it will become difficult for you to dance.

Be ordinary. Nothing is wrong with ordinariness, because in your very ordinariness you are extraordinary. Don’t bother about the conditions, to decide when you will celebrate. If you bother about fulfilling certain conditions, do you think that then you will celebrate? You will never celebrate! You will die a beggar. Why not right now? What are you lacking? This is my observation: if you can start right now, suddenly the energy is flowing. And the more you dance, the more it is flowing, the more capable you become. The ego needs conditions to be fulfilled; not life. Birds can sing and dance - ordinary birds. Have you ever seen any extraordinary birds singing and dancing? Do they ask that they first have to be a Ravi Shankar or a Yehudi Menuhin? Do they ask that first they have to be great singers and go to colleges of music to learn and then they will sing? They simply dance and they simply sing; no training is needed.

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