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Chapter 1: The Grand Rebellion

Sekito said:
“My teaching, which has come down from the ancient buddhas, is not dependent on meditation or on diligent application of any kind.
“When you attain the insight as attained by the Buddha, you realize that no-mind is buddha, and buddha is no-mind; that no-mind, buddha, sentient beings, bodhi, and klesa, are of one and the same substance while they vary in names.
“You should know that your own no-mind essence is neither subject to annihilation nor eternally subsisting, is neither pure nor defiled. It remains perfectly undisturbed and self-sufficient. The same is so with the wise and the ignorant. Your no-mind essence is not limited in its working, and is not included in the category of mind, consciousness, or thought.
“The three worlds of desire, form, and no-form, and the six paths of existence are no more than manifestations of your mind itself. They are all like the moon reflected in water, or images in the mirror. How can we speak of them as being born or as passing away?
“When you come to this understanding, you will be furnished with all the things you are in need of.”


Good evening. And good news.!

This evening we are starting a new series of talks: I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here.

The statement of Friedrich Nietzsche that God is dead, is only symbolic because God has never been in the first place - not even born. How can he be dead? But it was a tremendously powerful symbol to declare that God is dead.

It was a recognition that we have been worshipping a lie. And it was not only worshipping, we were being destroyed by a lie. We had been exploited by the priesthood of all the organized religions. Our dignity has been destroyed. We have been turned into puppets in the hands of a fiction.

His declaration that God is dead simply means that Man is born. That is the other side of the coin. And because man is born, he brings freedom to the earth, he brings joy to the earth, he brings dignity to the earth. And he destroys all that was clinging to the ultimate lie, God - all the superstitions, heaven and hell, all theologies, all religions.all kinds of false programming of man’s being. They have also died with God.

Hence, I celebrate myself and I celebrate you.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s statement also includes another part: “God is dead, therefore man is free.” God was the slavery of man, he was the bondage. He was the prison that did not allow humanity to rise to its ultimate heights. He was keeping the whole of humanity reduced to subhuman beings, sinners. His death is a great moment to celebrate.

His death means man has come of age. He is no longer a child and he does not need a father figure. He can stand on his own feet. He is not a sheep, as all the religions have been telling him, and he does not need any shepherds. Jesus, Krishna, Mahavira, Mohammed, Moses.no prophets are needed, no saviors are needed, no messengers of God are needed. They were all megalomaniacs, and in the name of God they have been pushing human consciousness to the lowest levels of existence.

The death of God cleans the whole sky outside and cleans the inner world also, completely - cleans you of all the belief systems, cleans you of all prejudices, cleans you of all guilt. That is what he meant by freedom. Freedom from guilt was possible only if God was dead. And once you are free from God you have the whole sky to yourself, inner and outer both - you can open your wings in utter freedom. Without any inhibition, and without any suppression, you can live your life with joy, with song, with dance.

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