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Chapter 7: Life Is Not a Dictionary

a caravanserai, an overnight stay.

In the morning we have to go.

But consciousness is the eternal pilgrim, a journey without any beginning

and without any end.

It is a journey of dances

and songs and music and poetry,

a journey - festive -

a ceremony without any reason.

Just being is enough.

At this moment, you make this place

the holiest place in the world.

So many buddhas,

so many people

centered in their being,

the whole garden is full of roses.

Drink it deep.

It is the very juice of your immortality.

Nivedano.call all the buddhas back.


Sit down for few moments,



recollecting where you have been.

Keep on guard twenty-four hours.

Remain a buddha,

alert, aware, joyous;

so blissful that even others

can start feeling your blissfulness.

Can we celebrate the meeting of so many buddhas?