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Chapter 9: The Individual Is Indivisible

And the second possibility is: just behind the navel is the death center. That’s why in Japanese, suicide is called hara kiri - hara means navel. The Japanese have known it down the ages, that there is a subtle point behind the navel - if the arrow or the dagger reaches to that point, one dies immediately, and with no pain, almost no pain, with no torture. To die from anywhere else is more torturous because death is closest to the navel, it is just behind the navel. And it has to be so because sex is life: life and death are two aspects of the same coin.

The navel contains two possibilities: life and death. If you repress life, your navel becomes a very, very erogenous zone and that will create fear in a repressive person, in a repressive psychology. Or, behind the navel is your death. If you have become too much obsessed with death, if you are too much afraid of death. And that too happens to people who are repressed. The person who is living his life naturally is not afraid of death, not at all - in fact, death will come to him, not as an end of life but as the climax of life. Death will come, not as the enemy of life but as the crescendo of the music of life.

The man who has lived his life totally, intensely, passionately, without any fear - without any fear that has been created in you by the priests for centuries and centuries - if a person lives his life without any fear, authentically, spontaneously, death will not create any fear in him, not at all. In fact, death will come as a great rest. Death will come as the ultimate flowering of life. He will be able to enjoy death too; he will be able to celebrate death too.

And remember, that is the criterion. If a person can enjoy and celebrate his death, that shows he has lived rightly; there is no other criterion. Your death will prove how you have lived. The fruit proves the tree, and death is the ultimate fruit of the tree that you are. How have you lived? Joyously? Has your life been a song and a dance? Has your life been a benediction, a blessing? Have you been grateful to existence for giving you life? Then death will come as the ultimate gift from the same hands, from the same totality. And you will feel tremendously ecstatic. You will receive death, you will welcome death; you will embrace death. Death will be your ultimate love.

But the person who has been repressing life, who has been repressing his sexuality, who has been repressing everything, who has never lived in any true way, will not be able to accept death either - how can he? He has not even lived yet. The tree has not even sprouted, how can it bear fruit? He is not ripe for death, hence the fear. The fear is that “I have not lived yet and death is coming closer every day, every moment.”

The repressive person is afraid of sex and the repressive person is afraid of death. And both are deeply related with the navel. But even if your navel is removed - it can be done with plastic surgery - that will not change the problem at all. It may shift somewhere else; it will find some other outlet.

So remember, the problem has to be looked into deeply. Never be deceived by the symptom.

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