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Chapter 24: Not Virtue, but Awareness

Sex is a little childish. As you become more and more mature, sex loses the grip over you - and it is a good sign. It is something to be happy about; it is not a problem to be solved. It is something to celebrate.

In the East no woman ever feels the trouble of the transition from youth to old age. In fact, she feels immensely happy that now that old demon is gone and life can be more peaceful. But the West has been living under many illusions. One is the illusion that there is only one life. That creates immense trouble. If there is only one life and sex is disappearing, so you are finished. Now, there is no more opportunity; there will not be any more excitement in life. Nobody is going to say, “You are beautiful and I love you and I will love you forever.”

So first, the illusion of one life creates a problem. Second, the psychoanalysts and other therapists have created another illusion that sex is almost synonymous to life. The more sexual you are, the more alive you are. So when sex starts disappearing one starts feeling like a used cartridge: now there is no point to live; life ends with sex ending. Then people try all kinds of bizarre things: face lift, plastic surgery, false breasts. It is stupid, simply stupid. People start trying wigs; they start trying dresses which are sex-provoking. Almost all Western women are starving - they call it dieting! The idea in the West is that a woman is beautiful if she is not fat. And nature has some other idea: the woman has to be a little fat because for nature the woman is a mother. A mother needs extra fat for the child, because when the child is in her womb he will need food. And when the child is in the womb, the mother starts feeling nausea; she cannot eat, she starts throwing up. She needs emergency fat in her body so she can feed the child because the child needs food; he is growing fast.

Science says that in the nine months in the mother’s womb, a child grows so fast that he will never grow so fast again in his seventy years. In nine months he passes through almost the whole evolution of man, from the fish.all the stages. His requirements have to be fulfilled by the mother - And she cannot eat.you can imagine. It is troublesome to have a child in your belly. I don’t think any man is ready to be pregnant: he will commit suicide; without any doubt he will jump from a fifty-storey building, “I am finished.pregnant.?”

Just think, the idea that you have a child in the belly, and you will go crazy. But how to get rid of it.

The mother goes through immense suffering, great sacrifice; hence, in the East we have not created the idea of a skinny woman. Of course, the skinny woman looks more sexually attractive, younger. The fat woman looks less sexually interesting, because she loses proportions. Her waist is no longer very small. Her body has gathered so much fat that nobody will feel attracted towards her. She does not have the necessary attraction for the human mind.

The East has accepted that a woman has to be a little more fat than a man, a little more rounded.

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