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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

Man is born with the capacity to celebrate. When even birds can celebrate, why not you? But you create unnecessary barriers, you create a hurdle race. There are no barriers. You put them there and then you say, “Unless we cross them and jump them, how can we dance?” You stand against yourself, you stand divided against yourself, you are an enemy to yourself. All the preachers in the world go on saying that you are ordinary, so how can you dare to celebrate? You have to wait. First be a Buddha, first be a Jesus, a Mohammed, and then you can.

But just the opposite is the case: if you can dance, you are already the Buddha; if you can celebrate, you are already Mohammed; if you can be blissful, you are Jesus. The alternative is not true; the contrary is a false logic. It says: first be a buddha, then you can celebrate. But how will you be a buddha without celebrating? I say to you, “Celebrate, forget all buddhas!” In your very celebration you will find that you have become a buddha yourself. Zen mystics go on saying, “Buddha is a barrier; forget about him.” Bodhidharma used to say to his disciples, “Whenever you say the name of Buddha, immediately wash your mouth. It is dirty, the very word is dirty.” And Bodhidharma was a disciple of Buddha. He was right, because he knew that you can create idols, ideals, out of the very word buddha. You will then wait for lives and lives to become a buddha first, and then you will celebrate. That is not going to happen, ever.

One Zen monk, Lin Chi, used to say to his disciples, “When you move into meditation always remember that, if you meet Buddha on the way, immediately cut him in two! Don’t allow him a single moment otherwise he will take hold of you and he will become the barrier.” A disciple asked, “But when I am meditating and Buddha comes” - and Buddha comes to Buddhists, as Jesus comes to Christians; not the real Buddha, he is nowhere to be found - “how am I to kill him? From where will I get the sword?” The master said, “From where you got your Buddha - imagination - get a sword from the same place, cut the Buddha in two, and move ahead.”

Remember this, that the teachings of the awakened ones, all the awakened ones and all of their teachings, can be summarized into a simple sentence and that sentence is: you are already that which you can be. You may take many lives to realize this; that is for you to determine. But if you are alert, not even a single moment is to be lost. Thou art that, Tattvamasi swetketu, you are already that, there is no need to become. Becoming, and the very effort to become something, is illusory. You are, you are not to become. But preachers tell you that you are ordinary and they create a desire in you to become extraordinary. They make you feel inferior and create a desire to become superior. They create an inferiority complex and then you are in their grip. Then they teach you how to become superior. First they condemn you, create a guilt within you, and then they show you the path to be virtuous.

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