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Chapter 12: No God but Only Godliness

My whole effort is to help you to remember yourself - and you want to forget yourself. By forgetting yourself you will be creating more and more hell for yourself and for others. Remember: rather, remember yourself.

My methods are different from George Gurdjieff’s. I am not in favor of alcoholic beverages. I am not in favor of psychedelic drugs either, because they create illusory worlds for you and they are distractions. They make you more and more oblivious of your own being, unaware of your own self.

My work is based in awareness. The word awareness is the golden key here, the master key. You have to learn to be more aware. Howsoever painful it is in the beginning, be more aware, because it is by becoming more aware that one day you will become part of the celebration of the whole.

Aes dhammo sanantano - this is the eternal inexhaustible law.

Enough for today.