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Chapter 10: Reaching the Source

You may be puzzled: I can see your confusion. You may be puzzled about your own treasures. You may not be aware, but I can see: you are carrying the greatest treasure of life. You are carrying a God within you. You may have forgotten completely. You may have completely forgotten the way back home, but it is still there.

And Kakuan is right: Everyone I look upon becomes enlightened. If I look at you, you become enlightened, because for me only enlightenment exists now.

Whatsoever you are, you will find the world exactly the same. You go on finding yourself in the world again and again. The world is a mirror. If you are enlightened, you are surrounded by enlightened beings. There is no other way. You are surrounded by an enlightened universe. The whole existence, the rocks and the rivers, the oceans and the stars, all are enlightened beings. It depends on you. Where you are, you create your world. If you are miserable, you live in a miserable world. If you are enlightened, you live in an enlightened world. If your energy is celebrating within, the whole becomes a symphony of celebration.

You are the world.

Enough for today.