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Chapter 3: Total Effort or Surrender

You are the potential, he is the actual - God is your destiny, and you are carrying your destiny for many lives without looking at it because your eyes are fixed somewhere in the future. They don’t look to the present. Herenow, everything is as it should be, if you are ready to look. Nothing is needed. No doing is needed. Existence is perfect every single moment. It has never been imperfect; it cannot be. If it were imperfect, then how will it become perfect? Who will then make it perfect? Existence is perfect; nothing at all is needed to be done. If you understand this, then surrender is enough. No effort, no pranayama, no bhasrika, no shirshasan, no yoga postures, no meditation, nothing is needed - if you understand this: that existence is perfect as it is. Look in, look out - everything is so perfect that nothing can be done except celebration.

A man who surrenders starts celebrating.

Enough for today.