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Chapter 12: Existence Has Its Own Ways

He said, “There are three reasons. One, our priority was to destroy the commune.”

That shows the reason - why should they destroy the commune? We had created a desert into a living place. Five thousand sannyasins were living there; we made roads, we made dams, we had grown sufficient food for ourselves. We made all kinds of arrangements - a small oasis. We had fifteen thousand specially-made tents which could be air-conditioned, which could be heated so that they could be used around the year. Each celebration day - and the celebrations used to last for three weeks - there were twenty thousand people from all over the world. Oregon was shocked, they could not believe it.

We had every facility. There was not a single beggar - and the people who come to me are, of necessity, bound to be the most intelligent ones. The unintelligent cannot even conceive of what I am saying.

There was a heart surgeon who was known all over the country. We had our own hospital, the most qualified doctors, nurses. We had our own school, and I had made it a point that the children should not be part of the family, they should be part of the commune. Their fathers and mothers could meet them, could invite them for a visit, but they could not prejudice their minds. Those children were growing - for the first time in the whole of history - without being conditioned that they were Christian, that they were Hindu, that they were communist. No conditioning - we were allowing them to grow to whatever their inner potential is.

I don’t believe in poverty. And the man from Time magazine has asked, “If you love people, you are compassionate, then why did you have ninety-three Rolls Royces?” But he is not aware that I don’t have a single cent. Those ninety-three Rolls Royces had come from people who loved the commune. Of course, nobody can use ninety-three Rolls Royces simultaneously, and they were all the latest model, the same model. I am not mad! It was just because of the gratitude of my sannyasins that they did not want to use a car that I was using. But they had their own cars.

The commune had two hundred cars of its own, one hundred buses of its own, four airplanes and a small airport of its own. We changed the whole shape of the desert, and everybody was working not as a laborer but out of love, out of creativity. And even after working the whole day, people were dancing in the evening; late in the night you could hear the flutes, the guitars. This was the pain in the neck of Oregonians, that “We have been living here for three hundred years and we could not make any use of this land. These people within five years have changed the whole face of it.” We created the most luxurious commune that has been ever created. The whole commune was centrally air-conditioned..

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