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Chapter 26: Your Aloneness Cannot Be Destroyed

And the serpent is not the devil. He has immense compassion. He could see the strategy of God, and he managed to persuade Eve. That too is significant to remember; he did not approach Adam. To persuade a man is a difficult job. He will argue, because he lives in the head. The woman does not argue, she tries to understand; she lives in the heart.

Eve immediately understood the point that God is preventing them from becoming his equal. And on the part of the serpent, it was perfectly clever to persuade the woman - the husband is bound to follow the woman. There is no need to bother about the husband.

Since Adam, every husband has been henpecked. He could have argued with the serpent, but who can argue with a woman? Impossible, they don’t understand each other’s language. You say something, the woman understands immediately something else that you never imagined! Conversation between a man and woman is an impossibility - particularly if they are husband and wife.

The serpent is the first blessing to humanity. If you want to worship, worship the serpent. God is not worth anything. His priests are the cause of creating homosexuality.

Even Gautam Buddha, the most intelligent man as far as the world of religion is concerned, was not ready to allow women into his commune. Why? What is the fear? The fear is, if women are in the commune, then the celibacy of his disciples is in danger. But celibacy is impossible, there is no question of danger. The woman will only make your disciples natural, otherwise, they will be making love to each other. And that’s what Buddhist monks have been doing down the ages, Christian monks have been doing down the ages.

Nature has its own way of finding expression. If you repress the natural outlet, it will find something which is unnatural, which destroys you. AIDS is the culmination.

And now whatsoever is being done by the priests and the politicians is simply stupid - still the priests go on preaching celibacy, its beauty, its spirituality.

Sometimes I wonder why there has not been a religion which preaches control of urination. And you can be certain, if somebody were there to preach control of urination, there are enough retarded people on the earth who would start doing it. Of course, they cannot - they will be hypocrites. Celibacy has made all the religions hypocritical, and has perverted them into unnatural ways. And they are still teaching celibacy.

Nobody looks at the cause of AIDS, at who is responsible for it. On the contrary, just the other day I came to know that in Texas they have made homosexuality illegal; and I was surprised that in Texas there are one million homosexuals. Now one million people have suddenly become criminals. Do you think your law against homosexuality is going to prevent homosexuality in those people?

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