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Chapter 4: Transcendence Brings Buddhahood

Food is needed for the existence of the individual. An individual can exist without sex. It will not be much of a joy, but he can survive. But without food the individual cannot exist; he will shrink and die. At the most, if he is perfectly healthy, he can exist without food for three months - ninety days - but that too only if he is perfectly healthy and if he has too much extra food accumulated in his body in the form of fat and other things. Then he can survive for three months.

And that survival, remember, has nothing to do with religion; that is sheer cannibalism: one is eating oneself. When you fast you are eating your own meat, hence I am against fasting; that is the worst kind of meat-eating. You can fast and every day you will lose one kilo. Where is that weight disappearing to? You are digesting it. Within three months you will die.

The individual can exist for a little while without food, he can exist without sex - he can survive - but the human race, the species, cannot exist without sex. That is food for the species. Sex is food for the species. Without sex humankind will disappear. And the people who have been teaching celibacy are murderous. The people who have been teaching celibacy to humanity are basically cutting the very roots of humanity. If they were to be followed literally there would be no humanity left.

There would have been no Mahavira, no Buddha, no Krishna; there would have been no Mohammed, no Kabir, no Nanak, if their parents had followed the idea of celibacy. It is good, it is fortunate that Buddha’s father did not follow the stupid idea of celibacy, otherwise the world would have missed one of the greatest flowerings.

If celibacy is perpetuated, then humanity will disappear. It is a very egoistic idea, egoistic in the sense that you only care about yourself. Indians go on talking about spirituality, selflessness, and at the same time, with the same face, they go on talking about celibacy. Celibacy is selfishness, absolute selfishness. Your parents and their parents and their parents have all joined together to give birth to you. Now, trying to be celibate, forcing celibacy, simply means you are closing the doors to future humanity. And you call it selflessness? You call it spirituality?

This is pure egoism - as if you were the center of the whole existence, as if the whole existence existed only for you: because you have been produced, now there is no need for anything; the whole can disappear.

But although the teaching continues, nobody follows it. Unnatural teachings cannot be followed. That is one good thing about them. Only a few fools, maniacs, obsessed people may try to follow them, but any man of intelligence will not follow such ideas.

But such ideas create two kinds of difficulties. One: those who are cunning, they become hypocrites. And those who are innocent, they become guilty. That’s what has happened in India, and the same has happened on a wider scale all over the world. The disease is contagious. It must have started in India; its origin seems to be Indian. That is the only contribution that India has made to the world - a contagious disease which creates hypocrites and guilty people. Both are ugly specimens. The world needs neither the hypocrites nor the guilty.

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