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Chapter 2: What’s the Attraction?

But the irony of the situation is that neither the fathers nor the mothers have any deep experience in the matter. They themselves haven’t risen above the level of sex and so they fear that if their children hear about sex they may also become entangled at the same level. I ask such friends, who have you listened to in order to become entangled? You have become entangled on your own. Your children will also become entangled on their own. But isn’t it possible that if your children are given the understanding, the ability to think, that if they are given awareness they may save themselves from dissipating their energy? That they may conserve their energy and transform it?

We have all seen coal many times. Scientists say that over a period of thousands of years coal becomes transformed into diamonds and that there is no chemical or structural difference between coal and diamonds. A diamond is the transformed manifestation of a piece of coal. A diamond is only coal.

I wish to tell you that sex is coal and celibacy is a diamond, the transformed state of the coal. The diamond does not have any enmity with the coal, it is only a transformation of the coal. It is a journey of the coal into a new dimension. Celibacy is not an opposition to sex, it is a transformation of sex. One who is inimical to sex can never attain to celibacy.

If one is to go into the dimension of celibacy.and it is necessary to go, because after all what does celibacy mean? Celibacy means having attained the experience where one’s behavior and actions become like that of god, where one’s life becomes like that of god. It means having attained the experience of godliness. And it can be attained by transforming one’s energies through understanding.

Over the coming days, I intend to speak to you about how sex energy can be transformed and how it then turns into the experience of superconsciousness. I wish for you to listen attentively over the next three days so that afterwards there arises no misunderstanding in you about me. And whatever honest and real questions come to mind, please ask them. Send them to me in writing so that I can speak about them directly to you on the last two days. There is no need to hide any question. There is no reason to hide the truth of life. There is no need to turn away from any reality. Truth is truth whether we shut our eyes to it or not. I know one thing, I call only that person religious who has the courage to directly face the truths of life. Those who are so weak, cowardly and impotent that they cannot face even the facts of life, should never hope to be religious.

In these days, I invite you to listen to this topic because it is one which your seers and sages can never be expected to talk upon. And perhaps you are not used to listening to such a topic either. Perhaps your mind may become afraid. But I would wish again that you listen carefully for these coming days. It is possible that the understanding of sex may lead you into the temple of superconsciousness. That is my wish. May existence fulfill that wish.

I am grateful that you have listened to me with such love and silence. In the end, I bow down to the divine that dwells in all of you. Please accept my pranams, my offering of respect.