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Chapter 10: A Man Like Me Cannot Be Ignored

God himself is not celibate. Not only that, he is a criminal: he made the poor Virgin Mary pregnant. And the whole company of God - God, the Holy Ghost, the Son - are all men. It is a gay company, a gay club. And if anybody should suffer from AIDS it is those three people. Or they may have died already, nobody has seen them for so long!

This man Falwell is saying that AIDS is a punishment for homosexuality. And homosexuality is created by religions all over the world, they are responsible for AIDS. The idea of celibacy is something that should be made criminal, because only impotence can be celibate. So let impotent people be celibate. How can a man who is really alive be celibate? In graves you can be celibate - be celibate! Nobody is bothering you.

But a living man, full of energy and life - sex is part of life. To cut off sex means to destroy life from the very roots. And to stop people from loving, to separate man and woman is against nature. AIDS is not a punishment from God, it is the responsibility of the religions and their priests. All those people should be immediately behind bars, because they are continuously trying to do the same. Still they are preaching celibacy and nobody can prove medically that celibacy is possible. There has never been anybody who was celibate; they were all hypocrites.

You cannot go against nature. If you try, then there will be perversions, and AIDS is the ultimate outcome of all kinds of perversions.

Wouldn’t celibacy be one way of avoiding AIDS?

Celibacy cannot avoid AIDS, it has brought it. What are you going to do with your sex? Then the churches should start propagating masturbation. That seems to be the only safe method to get rid of sex energy. If celibacy is going to be the safeguard, then you will turn the whole of humanity into perverted people.

Then I would suggest to women to become lesbians: let men be celibate, let man be whatever he wants - homosexual, sodomist. Women, all women, should become lesbians. At least they should be protected from AIDS, one thing. And every hospital should start collecting semen from men who are still free of AIDS, so lesbians can be injected - artificial insemination for the future of humanity. These men who are celibate and perverts and Christian monks will all be going down the drain.

This is ostensibly a Christian country. I am interested to know why you chose America and why you chose the American west.

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