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Chapter 24: Go to Your Bathroom Dancing

People have died in every kind of situation. People have died eating, people have died sleeping, people have died working, people have died walking, people have died talking, but strange - people have never died making love. It establishes something: that love is a relaxation. It is good for sleep and good for your heart, but after a tiring day it cannot be much of a joy. Just a last thing to do somehow, quickly, and then turn your back and go to sleep - a kind of duty.

Morning, perhaps, is the best time to make love. Energies are fresh, you are rested, there is no anxiety burdening you, it is the beginning of the day. And to make love in the beginning should be considered something auspicious, holy; you cannot begin the day religiously without making love. But still you are in a biological bondage.

After enlightenment, love is no longer a need. In that way there is a transcendence. Love becomes just like any game: playing cards, playing tennis.. I have loved many women, and I am the first enlightened person in the world who is being absolutely truthful to you. You could have never found out whether I am celibate or not. I thought, although I have not said I am celibate, you would consider me a celibate. I have not participated in this lying positively, but negatively I am responsible. And now I am not going to hide anything from you.

Once Gautam Buddha’s most intimate disciple, Ananda, asked him, “Bhagwan, can you tell me the essential quality of your philosophy in a very short statement?”

Buddha said, “My philosophy is like a fist; it is a secret. I have not told you everything. The most precious is hidden.”

If you ask me, I will say my philosophy is both hands open before you. I am not going to keep anything private, anything secret. For the first time, an enlightened man is trusting the people who love him. But I would not like to be loved by you according to your conceptions, your conditions. I don’t need that kind of love, it is poisonous. I would like you to learn to be open to me the way I am open to you.

I am not a fist, but an open hand - and not only one hand, but both hands. And if you can love me still, then that love will be meaningful.

It is a strange phenomenon that you have never considered. Why do you want the enlightened man, your master, to be naked, to be celibate, to be eating one time only in a day, sleeping on a hard bed, not allowing women any closeness, eating only certain things?

If you see Gautam Buddha drinking even a Coca Cola, you will not anymore consider him enlightened - he has not even transcended Coca Cola. I don’t drink Coca Cola, but I love it. I cannot drink it because of my physicians; Devaraj is after me, Shunyo is after me. I cannot drink Coca Cola, I had to transcend it. But it is not enlightenment that helped me to transcend it, it is diabetes!

Your old religious leaders were captives of your expectations. I am nobody’s prisoner. And I feel very light, because I am not burdened. I can say to you everything; there is nothing being withheld. All your masters were withholding things from you. I do not consider them authentic, open, sincere. Even to their own disciples they were not true.

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