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Chapter 13: Growing Your Own Consciousness

It is not a coincidence that only old women go into your churches and temples, because that is the only place they were allowed to go, knowing perfectly well that the church is defensive of the family. The church knows perfectly well that once the family is gone, the church is gone. And the church of course is the last place where some romantic affair can happen. They have made every certainty: the priest has to be celibate.These are guarantees - that the priest is celibate, he is against sex, he is against women - in different religions in different ways.

The Jaina monk cannot touch a woman; in fact the woman should not come closer than eight feet to the Jaina monk. The Buddhist monk is not allowed to touch a woman. There are religions which don’t allow women to enter into their religious places, or they have separating partitions: man has the main part, the woman has a small corner - but separated. The men cannot even see them; meeting is impossible.

Many religions, like Mohammedanism, have covered their women’s faces. Mohammedan women’s faces have become pale, because they never see the sunlight. Their whole body is covered; their face is covered. In every possible way.The woman is not to be educated, because education gives people strange kinds of thoughts. People start thinking, people start arguing.

The woman was not allowed to have any paid career - because that means independence. So she was cut off from every nook and corner, just for this simple reason: so that you are certain that your son is really your son. Those who were really powerful - for example kings - had male servants castrated, because they were moving in the palace, working, serving. They had to be castrated; otherwise, there was a danger.And there was danger, because every emperor had hundreds of wives, many of whom he would never see. Naturally they would fall in love with anybody.but only castrated men were allowed into the palace, so even if they fell in love they could not create children. That was the basic thing.

The family has to disappear and give place to the commune. A commune means that we have pooled all our energies, all our money, everything into a single pool - which will be taking care of all the people. The children will belong to the commune, so there is no question of individual heritage.

And it is so economical.I have seen in my commune: five thousand people were there; that means two thousand five hundred kitchens would have been needed if they were living separately and two thousand five hundred women would be wasting their lives in the kitchen.

There was only one kitchen for five thousand people, and only fifteen people were running it. And remember, every woman is not a good cook! In fact, the best cooks are always men. All the books on cookery are written by men, and in all the great hotels you will find the best cooks are men.

Two thousand five hundred people cannot afford the best cooks separately, but a five-thousand-person commune can afford the best cooks, the best food. It can afford doctors to look into whether what they are eating is junk or food - most people are eating junk.

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