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Chapter 9: Society’s Justice Is Revenge

No, Milarepa. I am not the center of anything, except of myself. And that’s enough - more than enough - to be the center of your own being. More than that is not possible; it is not in the laws of existence.

To be the center of your own being is the highest peak of consciousness, the greatest ecstasy, and the ultimate liberation.

Seven-year-old Johnnie was walking home from school with his new seven-year-old girlfriend. Johnnie looks at her with worshipping eyes and says, “You are the first girl I have ever loved.”

“Bother it,” she replied. “Just my luck - another amateur.”

Only amateurs in the field of spirituality can claim such things - that they are the center of the world, that they are the only begotten son of God, that they are the saviors of the whole world, that they are the messengers of God; these are all amateurs. They don’t even understand a simple law, that everyone has to save himself, everyone has to be a savior unto himself. That is the only possibility.

You cannot save another being. Perhaps your saving yourself may ignite, trigger something in the other but you are not to think that you are the savior of the other. The other has seen your growth, your spring, and has remembered that he also belongs to the same world, to the same consciousness, to the same humanity. There must also be somewhere his own spring. There must still be hiding somewhere his own flowers. You can remind somebody, you can become a remembrance, a beckoning light, a lighthouse, but more than that is not possible for any human being.

But it is more than enough to be a center to yourself. Then your peace becomes infectious; then your silence starts spreading around, catching other people’s hearts. Then your love starts overflowing and reaching unknown strangers, and giving their heart a new dance, a new song. But this happens naturally; you are not the doer of it.

All that is expected of you is to grow to your utmost center, invite your spring, and wait for the flowers to blossom and release their fragrance. Then whatever happens around you is not your doing; you have become contagious. Not only are diseases contagious, blissfulness is also contagious, ecstasy is also contagious, wholeness is also contagious. But you cannot take the credit for it. It is enough that you have found your center.